Toy Fair 2016 – The year my Taun-Taun froze

So it’s amazing that every year during Toy Fair it ends up being the coldest day in 100 years.  This year was no different, if I had a Taun-Taun it would have froze before I reached the first marker.  Somehow I managed to get through and got to see the many great things on hand at Toy Fair this year.

The Loyal Subjects are adding He-Man to their line-up.  The figures look fantastic and we will be bringing those in later in the year. We will have the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Wave 2 coming in shortly as well as the Power Ranger blind boxes.

He-Man figures from the Loyal Subjects
Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, Trap Jaw, Faker, Man-W-Faces, He-Man, Teela, Beast Man, Man-At-Arms, Stratos and Tri-Klops!


Kotobukia are expanding their silicon tray line with an awesome BB-8 coming in the spring.  Also keep an eye out for Aliens Big Chap mini figures and DC superhero statues.

BB-8 silicon tray from Kotobukiya

QMX creator of all the best FireFly merchandise in the verse is now getting into Supernatural merchandise.  Sam and Dean Winchester mini masters are set for the fall and well as challenge coins and a devils trap rug.  Put it in your doorway just in case.

Sam and Dean Winchester Supernatural figures

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